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Malin Yamato Lääkkö

Hi, I am a Finnish transsexual LGBT activist, full-stack developer. systems engineer and finical analyst. permanent resident of Japan. The them of this site is pretty much focused on Audio, my passion. Read More about me


Abstract: Black Lives Matter

BLM consist mainly of Muslims who are linked to CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood. Since Muslims by far were and are still today the most dominant and most cruel slave traders, BLM represent nothing but brutal, cruel slave traders. Victims of slave trading should protest against BLM and what it represent, not for them, Secondly, there is no evidence of discrimination or racism against African Americans, and thirdly, twice as many whites than blacks have been killed by police. Lastly, blacks (Afro-Americans) kill more than twice as many whites than whites kill blacks (Afro-Americans). 

People of Africa have suffered immensely and have all my sympathy. Those people have been attacked, slaughtered, raped, looted and ethnically cleansed. It is a shame that this is still going on today and is allowed to carry on. Their cultures, civilizations and religions have been bulldozed. However, the culprits are not those who you may think. This is evident today in the northern part of Africa which before the invasion of the anti-cultural Islam was a blooming continent of prosperity, diversity with civilizations of thriving cultures. Let's pick up the ball and bring light to this....

Black Lives Matter BLM is a racist black-supremacist Marxist pro-Islam body. BLM bulldozes diversity, democracy and freedom and fights to establish a society where people are ranked based on race governed by black-supremacy. BLM hijacks the tragedy of slavery and uses it as a platform to gain power and spread their ideology. BLM makes a number of claims that almost no one seems to verify the accuracy of, and claims that blacks (Afro-Americans) face racism and discrimination, that blacks are killed by whites and by white law enforcement. Lets investigate about what BKM claims, lets start with slave trade.

Slave trade

Slave trade has existed all through human history and though the number of slaves that were transported across the Atlantic were around 11 million, this is a fraction of the total number of slaves that have been traded throughout history. Blacks and Muslims were major agents of slave trade during the era of trans-Atlantic slave trade, not whites. Whites part of this was to buy slaves from Africans and Muslims and transported them over to the Americas.


  • Victims of trans-Atlantic slave trade: 11 million
  • Victims of Muslim slave trade: 112 million
  • Trans-Atlantic slave trade lasted for 3 centuries.
  • Muslim slave trade has been going on for 14 centuries and is still gong on.
  • 2 million whites were enslaved by Muslims, girls were used as sex slaves.
  • Muslim regarded blacks as dirty animals
  • Islam introduced slavery to India and Asian in general
  • Penis and balls of almost all male slaves were cut off by Muslims
  • 1 out of 5 were slaves in the Muslim Ottoman Empire
  • Slavery is central to Islam and use women as sex slaves
  • Blacks where enslaved by Muslims, castrated and their children killed
  • 10% of slaves transported to the Americas died
  • 80% to 90% of slaves transported by Muslims to Arabia died.
  • Whites put an end to slave trade




When talking about the tragedy of slavery the focus should be on Muslim slave trade because of its scale and cruelty involved. Slaves transported by Muslims were treated much worse and suffered more than those transported by whites to the Americas. Slaves managed by whites in the USA were well nourished, could marry, create families and have children. Slaves managed by Muslims however were abused, starved, castrated and treated as animals.

Hence, BLM as a pro Islamic force does in no way represent the victims of slave trade. It is the other way around, the pro-Islam racist sect represents those who promote slave trade and those who where responsible for most of the slave trade in history, especially the dirtiest and most cruel form of slave trade, much more cruel than the trans-Atlantic trade.


Alleged discrimination and racism against Afro-Americans.

It is an undeniable fact that many blacks have hard time reaching up to the same living standard as other groups, but I may not find evidence that support claims that it is caused by discrimination or racism. Contrary. blacks are privileged.

  • Afro Americans are given special priority quota for admittance to education. There are numerous scholarships and black businesses get a 30% tax cut.
  • Asians and Indians are entrepreneurs, serious about getting an education and to assimilate themselves into the society. Those have about the same living standard as white or even better and do not generally complain about discrimination and racism, even though many have darker skin color than many other Afro-Americans.
  • The fear of being accused of being a racist and hence attacked, blacks are more likely to be hired and accepted than whites.


Blacks and whites killed by police

2017 2018 2019
white 457 399 170
black 223 209 88

Ref: Number of people shot to death by the police


Who kill who

More than twice as many whites are killed by blacks than the other way around. Reports by FBI also shows that black kill black. Blacks include blacks and Afro-Americans.

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Black kill White 431 409 446 500 533 576 514
White kill Black 193 188 187 229 243 264 234
Black kill Black 2,412 2,245 2,205 2,380 2,570 2,627 2,600

Ref: Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI


Two very similar cases

A white woman is brutally deliberately killed by a black police, which neither affected media worth mention nor trigger any protests. A black criminal dies and the incident gets enormous media coverage, organisations, universities, politicians and artists rise up and protest and massive riots take place all around the world. Hate and agitation against the white race sky rocket and reaches grotesque absurd proportions, even surpassing the hate towards Jews and homosexuals during Nazi Germany. Black organisations use quasi-scientific race biology to claim that whites are evil. Anti democratic fascist forces, Islamists advance and destroy symbols of science, philosophy, culture, democracy and freedom. Black Lives Matter demands law against critics of Islam and demands mass immigration of islamists to the USA.


White woman shot dead by a black Police, Minneapolis 2017

Justine Damond was shot dead (executed) by a Somali-American black police Mohammed Noorin in Minnesota 2017. She was a veterinarian with no criminal records and stood still when she was shot from a distance. Prior to this Mohhamed assaulted a white woman while on duty.


Black man died after being held down by a white police, Minneapolis 2020

After George Floyd had committed a criminal offence, the big multi-criminal drug abuser violently refused to obey police commands and was therefore held down by a police, but died while on drugs. There is no evidence of racism involved: The police who keeled on his head is married to a Laotian, the other police is a volunteer to tutor Somalians and the third belong to the minority group minority Hmong who fled prosecutions in Vietnam.




BLM founders and leaders are ultra racists

Yusra Khogali (Muslim) and Kimberly Veel

  • White are Sub-humans
  • Whites have recessive genetic defects
  • The white race could be wiped out
  • Whiteness is not humane
  • White skin is sub-human
  • Blackness convert light into knowledge
  • White are inferior and deserve punishments including torture and death.
  • Force consumers to forgo shopping at businesses owned by whites.
  • Allah, give me strength not to kill those white folks out three, plz, plz, plz


Behind BLM stand Islamist organizations

Muslim brotherhood has numerous fronts in the USA such as the Obama administration, Council of American-Islamic Relations CAIR, Muslim Student Association MSA and their military branch consists of Hamas, al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS).

During a meeting with Muslim American Society MAS and the Islamic Circle of North America ICNA, CAIR executive director Nihad Awas declared his support for Black Lives Matter 2016 and Khaliah Sabra stated we have staged revolutions across the world, why can't we have a revolution in America. A great portion of BLM protesters in the USA has consisted of MSA and CAIR members.

The goal of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation OIC the largest Muslims organization is to make crtics against Islam and Islamophobia a criminal offense, which will make nations defenceless against Islamism.

Ref: The Tribune

The author is a Finnish transsexual LGBT activist,  Systems Engineer, Certifies Financial Risk Analyst and student of History and Political Islam with more than 20 years servide in Asia. 


,,, I am having a lazy summer preparing for going back to University. Good News > The admission board has qualified me for a semester course in Human Physiology (Medicine) at Karoinska Institute as well as Graduate studies in Artificial Intelligence at Stockholm University. Still, I have to compete with others to get in.

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